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Workplace Investigations

Fair, Unbiased and Professionally Compassionate

Empathy, impartiality and an ability to effectively gather facts is key to conducting an effective workplace investigation. The risk of a failed attempt at an investigation can have serious and long term effects on an organisation.

Loss of morale, trust and faith in a workplace are those factors that are difficult if not impossible to measure against an organisation’s performance, success and bottom line. Add in there WorkCover claims, loss of productivity, increased absenteeism and you have a high risk situation!

Few managers in any workplace are experienced at investigating workplace complaints or allegations of misconduct and most have insufficient time to handle complex and emotional cases. Lastly, if the investigation is run by an employee of the organisation, there can be a risk of perceived bias towards either the complainant or the accused employee.

Outsourcing workplace investigation to an independent consultant is not only a practical, efficient and cost-effective option but also a risk minimising exercise.

Gem Consulting Group workplace investigators conduct an independent, impartial and unbiased investigation into any formal complaints about bullying, harassment, discrimination, or unethical behaviour at work, and make findings of fact.

Additionally we can also provide you with our recommendations on policy breaches, post-investigative assistance with recommendations and training programs.

What is Our Process?

  1. Upon being presented with the proposed allegations/misconduct situation, our investigators will collect information from all relevant parties within your organisation. Information can be collected through a range of methods including conducting in-person interviews, obtaining relevant documents such as emails, notes, text messages, photos, computer records, timesheets, and any other relevant material.
  2. The investigation process is conducted in an unbiased, respectful and discreet manner to ensure that further stress is not created on any party as a result of any investigation. A workplace investigation requires that both parties (the complainant and the respondent) are given procedural fairness. We ensure this is the case at all times including giving the respondent an opportunity to be accompanied by a support person.
  3. Our investigators may also request access to your policies, procedures and any other relevant company information that will assist with our investigation. Again this material is handled with the utmost confidentiality and respect to the organisation and any individual’s privacy.
  4. Once our thorough and compliant investigative process is complete, we will collate a report which will be provided to the employer/organisation.
  5. We will collect and examine any information requested and provided to make a finding about whether or not the allegation or allegations can be substantiated in fact. Our report will lay down the facts that were uncovered during our investigation.
  6. You will then need to determine the following:
    1. Whether the substantiated allegations constitute a breach of your policies and procedures.
    2. What further action is warranted commensurate with the findings.
  7. We can provide additional services including post investigative recommendations in relation to breach of policy, assist with implementation of new procedures and policies and relevant organisational training.

Pricing Options

How Much Will It Cost?

Please contact us for a confidential and obligation free consultation where upon understanding your unique case/situation we will be able to provide an accurate and comprehensive quote for our services.


Contact Gem Consulting Group to Discuss Your Workplace Investigation Requirements Today!


Contact Gem Consulting Group to Discuss Your Workplace Investigation Requirements Today!

It’s the Employers duty.

Faced with any type of allegation, it is the employer’s duty to investigate any claim in an appropriate, timely and efficient manner that is unbiased towards any party.

Let us help you conduct a Fair, Unbiased and Professionally compassionate workplace investigation today, one focused on fact finding with an ultimate goal of improving your workplace relations, creating harmony and moving forward to focus on your business with productive and happy people!

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